Career Awareness

Welcome to the First Stage of
the Career Development Cycle

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Career Awareness

Utilizing resources from Ohio Means Jobs Career Connections, students develop greater awareness of high demand industries and occupations throughout Unit 1. Students will define and compare what a job is compared to what a career is; and establish what this means for them both short and long-term. They will also build their knowledge of the education and training needed to be successful in these jobs and become more self-aware of their own attitudes towards future career success.

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Future Focus Friday

Geauga Growth Partnership is proud to host educational tours of local businesses to High Schools in Geauga County annually. These may be divided by school, grade level, student career cluster interest, student industry interest, and more. 

Select the “Contact Us” button at the top of the page to get in touch with GGP staff regarding this opportunity. 

Middle School Career Days

Geauga Growth Partnership is proud to partner with local businesses to invite local middle schools to participate in these highly engaging career awareness field experiences.

GGP Middle Schools Career Days can be delivered in person or virtually and features tours of local businesses, representatives from the company speaking about their educational and career paths, and the education and skills needed for entry level to upper-level management. Students are provided opportunities to connect directly with workplace mentors, ask questions, and consider various opportunities that could be available to them upon graduation.

Career Awareness (Unit 1) 

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1.1 Introduction to Career Awareness

Through this lesson, students will:

  • be introduced to the first phase of the career development cycle – career awareness;
  • reflect on what it means to have a job vs. career;
  • discuss how we prepare ourselves for our careers, through school and in our community.

1.2 Welcome to OhioMeansJobs K-12

Through this lesson, students will:

  • Visit and review the overall OhioMeansJobs (OMJ) career portal website​
  • Set up an OMJ K-12 student account​
  • Build a Career Portfolio using Google for EDU Apps – Google Drive and Sheets

1.3 The 4 E's: Pathways to a Successful Career

Through this lesson, students will:

      • Learn the 4 E’s: Education, Enlistment, Employment, and Entrepreneurship and their relationship to career success
      • Investigate what career success could look like depending on their life in each pathway
      • Familiarize themselves with the beginning steps towards a career through each pathway

1.4 Turning Passion into Purpose

Through this lesson, students will:

  • Investigate what it means to turn personal passions into career pursuits​
  • Define their own passions​
  • Review skills profiles and align with potential careers

1.5 Defining Your Occupational Interests

Through this lesson, students will:

          • Learn and Reflect on the 16 Career Clusters, as defined by the National Career Clusters Framework
          • Complete the OMJ Career Cluster Inventory to help identify student career interests for the future
          • Review the results of the Career Cluster Inventory and unpack with a partner or within small group

1.6 Goal Setting/Finding Future Success

Through this lesson, students will:

  • Understand the importance of considering their goals in terms of the present and the future
  • Adopt a new mindset and perspective on time, including how to make the most of it
  • Create a “macro” view of life goals by creating a personalized bucket list

1.7 Our Ideal Working Environment

Through this lesson, students will:

  • Understand how values influence our behavior, shape our choices, and shift our expectations of what we look for in an ideal working environment
  • Identify our own set of work values and how these shape our careers of interest

1.8 Living Our Best Professional Life

Through this lesson, students will:

  • Consider what it means to be a professional
  • Explore the differences between an amateur and a professional in the workplace
  • Roleplay professional scenarios in pairs, reflecting on the situation after each round