Career Experience

Welcome to the Final Stage of Career Development

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Career Experience

Career experiences exposes youth to new opportunities, offering the chance to gain new skills, perspectives and diversify thinking while engaged in work-based learning. These experiences may look like internships or vocational apprenticeships, may include part-time or summer employment, or special projects that support direct application of their skills. There are many other organizational and individual benefits, including the increased ability to meet future talent gaps while simultaneously driving career growth.

As educators and businesses, the time is certainly now to harness our youth during this stage, to provide grace and sage advice to help build their confidence, their skill set, and their overall career readiness. The lessons and content found within this course will focus on navigating the workplace and developing knowledge and skills that will help them maintain focus on their career goals and keep the trajectory of success moving forward.

How will you PREPARE? Good luck!

Career & Job Fairs

Geauga Growth Partnership and OhioMeansJobs Geauga County supports college and career readiness by hosting a college or job fair at your campus.  These events can be presented in-person, virtually, or hybrid through the use of Premier Virtual Event Platform, a career fair and online hiring virtual platform. GGP and OMJ-G will work with participating campuses at every stage of the process, from initial planning, to identification and recruitment of company volunteers, working with staff to create curricular connection and extension activities, promotion of the event, and more. These events are typically 3 hours or more in length and can be extended to a community event where adult job seekers - alumni, family, or community members come to campus to connect with local employers. 

Youth Workforce Summer Incubator Program

The Geauga Growth Partnership Youth Summer Incubator Program was designed to increase opportunities for youth seeking career experience and the chance to develop key employability skills  that helps ensure long-term career success.  The program feeds into requirements for graduation and completion of work-based learning hours needed to obtain the OhioMeansJobs-Readiness Seal.

Applications open through Saturday, April 13 2024

Interviews in April with internship placements set by May 10, 2024.

Program Dates are June 10th through August 2nd.

Hire a Summer Intern Through GGP

GGP is looking for Host Businesses for our summer internship program! Businesses hire qualified students, for an 8-week internship spanning from June 10th through August 2nd. GGP will help match high school senior and rising senior applicants based on the individual needs of your business. 


Youth Employment Experience

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Partnering with Geauga Growth Partnership members from across Geauga County, the GGP Youth Employment Experience connects youth directly with workplace partners in the delivery of high-quality work-based learning experiences during the school year – including job shadowing, industry mentorship, internships, and pre-apprenticeship programs.

Chardon HS & Solon Manufacturing

Chardon Local Schools logoSupporting the Chardon HS CREW program, this opportunity saw a Chardon HS Senior working part-time across various departments and roles within Solon Manufacturing. A combination of self-interest and exploratory work-based learning, Solon Manufacturing provided a well-rounded work-based learning experience through mentorship and guided application of knowledge and skills.

West Geauga HS & Ohman Family Living

West G logo    A 2022 GGP Summer Incubator student from West Geauga High School was extended an offer of employment to join the staff of Ohman Family Living, an assisted living facility. Despite this students alternate career goals entering the program, they plan to continue employment at Ohman and take the STNA exam this year to pursue her new career goal of being a nurse for those in assisted living.

Kenston HS & Leadership Geauga

Another example of an employment offer as an extension of participation in Geauga Growth Partnership’s Summer Incubator program.  Kenston HS Senior was invited back to non-profit Leadership Geauga to support leadership development programming and the Emerald Ball, the organization’s annual fundraiser.

West Geauga & ASM International

File:American Society for Metals (ASM) Logo.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWest G logoA 2022 GGP Incubator Student was offered extended remote work while they go to college. This student valued their internship experience at ASM International and was excited to learn so much about materials engineering and embraced the opportunity to expand their professional network.

Career Experience (Unit 4)

GGP Prepare

4.1 Introduction to Career Experience

Through this lesson, students will:

  • Define career experience in their own terms
  • Identify ways in which we gain experience at different levels of our professional careers
  • Reflect on what it takes to have a successful career and the long-term process of building ourselves as a professional
  • Complete a written affirmation to our future selves a way to instill positivity towards our future success

4.2 Gaining Early Experience in Your Career

Through this lesson, students will:

  • Learn about different ways we gain experience early in our professional lives: job shadowing, internships, and pre-apprentice/apprenticeship programs
  • Analyze the value of each and how they might benefit their chosen occupations
  • Research and document opportunities based on the student’s career/occupational aspirations

4.3 Navigating Compromise in the Workplace

Through this lesson, students will:

  • Recognize the importance of setting boundaries and how to set boundaries
  • Understand that conflict can be positive if handled effectively
  • Understand the benefits of negotiation
  • Understand different orientations of people as it pertains to collaborations and teamwork

4.4 Overcoming Obstacles in Our Career

Through this lesson, students will:

  • Learn to identify potential obstacles they might face in pursuit of their goals
  • Practice creating solutions to obstacles before encountering them
  • Adopt the mindset that obstacles are inevitable, but unwavering commitment to their goals will help them overcome any obstacle
4.5 Developing Your "Circle"

Through this lesson, students will:

  • Learn the value of networking and the importance the process has on one’s career
  • Reflect on best practices from industry leaders on building your own professional network
  • Explore various tools and strategies that will help you grow your circle

4.6 Communication for Professionals

Through this lesson, students will:


  • Understand the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication and identify uses of both in personal and professional settings
  • Break down different communication styles and identify their own communication styles in the process
  • Engage in group discussion and roleplay around communication in the workplace and the applicable skills that support career success

4.7 The Value of Continuous Improvement

Through this lesson, students will:

  • Understand the role professional development plays in our career
  • Reflect on our own tendencies and personalities and how they affects our relationship with our superiors and peers
  • Learn about and engage with digital tools that we can use to grow our technical and professional knowledge and skills

4.8 Show Me the Money!

Through this lesson, students will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of our personal and lifestyle financial needs
  • Learn the basics of banking – types of accounts and their functions towards managing our finances
  • Utilize digital tools to research and apply for scholarships towards attending college

4.9 Final Reflection - Career Experience

Through this lesson, students will:

  • Reflect on their experiences with GGP Prepare and the career development cycle
  • Understand the “career ladder” as it relates to experience and promotion
  • Recognize the value of personal and professional reflective practices as part of their career development process