Career Exploration

Welcome to the Second Stage of
the Career Development Cycle

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Career Exploration

In Unit 2, students will begin to establish and explore their interest of different career fields – whether this be many or few. The students will learn why they are interested in specific careers and how to begin their career in that field. This may be through one of four tracks, or may even encompass more than one: Employment, Enlistment, Education, and/or Entrepreneurship. Once this is identified, they will learn how to set goals that match their occupational targets and evolve their passions to transferable skills that will aid in their path to success.

How will you PREPARE? Here we go!


Held annually by the Northeast Ohio Educators Association, NEOEA Day is a day for educators and administrators across Northeast Ohio to gain personalized professional development in whatever areas of growth the specific member wishes to engage with. For Geauga Growth Partnership, we aim to build bridges between businesses and classrooms by targeting career development and work-based learning.

Geauga Growth Partnership partners with the Educational Service Center of the Western Reserve, OhioMeansJobs-Geauga County, OhioGuidestone, and local businesses across Geauga County to bring together a day full of curricular resources, hands-on activities, and in-person or hybrid business tours and speaker presentations.

Attendees are provided with meals and snacks, curricular resources, transportation to and from businesses, and special networking opportunities with colleagues and professionals from across the region. Be on the lookout each Fall for registration information as well as in the NEOEA Day annual listing of events.

Career Exploration Open House 2024

Join us on Tuesday, March 5th 2024 from 5pm-7pm.

Held each spring, Geauga Growth Partnership partners with Kent State University-Geauga to host this unique event for grades 6-12.  Students and families are invited to attend and learn more about connecting our passions to profession, network with local employers across in-demand industries, and hear more about summer education opportunities and employment opportunities through GGP and partners. 

Have questions?

Call Geauga Growth Partnership at 440-564-1060

High School students and their parents/guardians are encouraged to attend.

Location: Kent State University Geauga Campus

14111 Claridon Troy Road, Burton OH 

Career Exploration (Unit 2)

GGP Prepare

2.1 Introduction to Career Exploration

Through this lesson, students will:

  • Begin to define potential career opportunities based on data extracted from self-assessments (OMJ K-12 surveys)
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in given career paths
  • Define the educational pathway and resources needed to continue into potential career

2.2 Exploring Your Career Trajectory

Through this lesson, students will:

  • Further investigate career trajectory through the lens of the 4-Es
  • Explore each path individually, weighing the pros and cons of each
  • Gain a deeper appreciation for how each path can lead to the development of knowledge and skills that can lead to career and life fulfillment

    2.3 Exploring Careers through OMJ K-12 Portal

    Through this lesson, students will:

    • Analyze potential careers based on required education, earning potential, skills and experience needed to be successful
    • Explore different career options based on your interests and career inventory assessment results
    • Understand how to use an informational interview as a powerful tool in your career search toolkit

    2.4 Spotlight on In Demand Jobs in Northeast Ohio

    Through this lesson, students will:

    • Review workforce data and compare to their career inventory data
    • Research and reflect on the potential for success within their intended/projected career fields across Northeast Ohio
    • Research, record, and share out employers that match their own career trajectory and potential occupations

    2.5 Graduation Planning for 2023 & Beyond

    Through this lesson, students will:

    • Familiarize themselves with the graduation requirements for the class of 2023 and beyond
    • Learn about the OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal, one of twelve graduation seals offered by the State of Ohio
    • Understand what is required of students to earn the OMJ-Readiness Seal and its relation to career success
    • Draft a plan for graduation by completing the Future Focused Graduation Planner, a guiding document to help track coursework, graduation seals, and coursework

    2.6 Building a PROSPER Mindset

    Through this lesson, students will:

        • Understand what a “mindset” is and its relationship with our career and success in the workplace
        • Define and compare similarities and differences between the two main types of mindsets: fixed and growth
        • Recognize the mental barriers that exist in our lives and how it affects our ability to move towards a growth mindset
        • Be introduced to the Geauga Growth Partnership PROSPER Framework, the organizations growth mindset framework for youth workforce development

    2.7 Career Exploration - Final Reflection