Career Readiness

Welcome to the Career Preparation Stage
of the Career Development Cycle

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Career Readiness

Career readiness is the process of preparing students, at any age, with the essential skills they need to find, acquire, maintain, and grow within a job. The career readiness lessons will focus on important topics such as oral and written communication, crafting job resumes and preparing for an interview, developing a network of mentors and business professionals to help land that first job and beyond, and so much more.

How will you PREPARE? Let’s get to it!

Employability Skills Workshops

Connecting students with local HR professionals, these career readiness workshops focus on the development of employability skills that are necessary to thrive in the workforce. Career pathway presentations and activities give students the opportunity find out what skills, training, and education are needed in various occupations and specializations. Topics include, but are not limited to, interviewing basics, resume building, post-secondary planning, career pathways, professionalism, networking and communication, and youth entrepreneurship.

Goal Setting & Post-Secondary Planning

Through this workshop, students consider their short-term and long-term goals, the educational pathways they can take leading to graduation, within 4 years of graduation, and 5-10 years ahead. They will map out an action plan based on their chosen educational pathway according to the 4 E’s – Education, Enlistment, Employment, Entrepreneurship.

Interviewing Basics

Students will gain deeper insight into the interview process, from being more self-aware and building confidence, to preparation and presentation that leads to them being seen in the best light possible. We will review some of the most common types of interview questions and allow time for students to craft responses and gain feedback from their peers. This workshop can also be split into two, with preparation as a focus for the first session and mock interview scenarios for the final workshop. 

Resume Development

Through this workshop, we help guide students towards crafting a resume that becomes a power tool in the job search process. We will review various styles of resumes, along with how to best tailor your resume for specific industries and audiences. We will review formatting, how to set oneself apart from the crowd through targeted language and alignment to the job you are applying for, and to consider the pairing of the resume with a cover letter that helps promote ideal candidacy.

Networking & Communication

In todays’ workplace, we must be versatile in the ways of collaboration and communication. Whether managing the nuances of professional relationships, understanding, and communicating the needs of your clients, colleagues, and partners, or working within larger, public-facing systems that has you presenting to large groups of people. This workshop is built to navigate different settings and types of communication – interpersonal and intrapersonal, how to be successful in collaborating others based on strengths and personal attitudes, and approaches to networking through research, online resources, and how to take advantage of networking opportunities from mentorship to alumni networks and professional groups.

Presentation Skills

Ever sat through a presentation with slides of large blocks of small text, where the presenter was completely out of touch with the audience, or where you had no opportunity to engage the speaker or other audience members? This workshop will provide students with tips and tricks on creating and delivering great presentations. They will learn about and apply design and formatting tips for digital presentations, understand how to be concise in their language, and how to engage the audience with purpose and presence. Students will be expected to present on topics of their choosing, reflect as part of the process, and supports others through the application of constructive feedback cycles.


This workshop is all about putting your best self forward – from dressing for interviews and in the workplace, to time management, and specific topics like managing your digital footprint, negotiation, and showing appreciation in your career. As a group, students will engage in scenarios that supports learning and application of skills.

Youth Entrepreneurship

This workshop puts you in the Executive Chair, challenging you to consider your personal interests, passions, and talents and turning these into purpose as an entrepreneur. A modified version of our GGP Prepare module on Youth Entrepreneurship, this is a good workshop to hook your students into the foundational steps of building on an idea, what it means to take this idea to market, and a review of all the steps in between to make a startup successful.


Youth Workforce Training Series

Contact Geauga Growth Partnership Youth Workforce staff to set up a consultation visit and see how your students might benefit from a series of workshops at your school that target specific college and career readiness knowledge and skills. 

Trainings are developed in consultation with schools and includes sequential visits covering topics of career planning, professionalism, youth entrepreneurship, entry level employment, financial literacy, presentation skills, and more. 

Career Readiness (Unit 3)

GGP Prepare

3.1 Introduction to Career Readiness

Through this lesson, students will:

  • Define career readiness in their own terms
  • Discover what it means to rise above mediocrity through a form of unrealistic thinking
  • Design a 10-year vision for taking a PROSPER mindset into their work, lifestyle, and the building of lasting personal and professional relationships
    3.2 Motivation and Mindset

    Through this lesson, students will:

    • Understand the value of taking initiative in the workplace and the payoffs the process can have
    • Make connections between grit and having a mindset where persistence is recognized as a key component of success
    • Understand the concept of reverse engineering and how it applies to goal-setting
    • Apply the reverse engineering process in the creation of short-term, achievable goals that align with their “unrealistic” 10-Year Vision

    3.3 Crafting a Personal Highlight Reel

    Through this lesson, students will:

    • Take a critical look at themselves based on employer identified core competencies themselves and others
    • Apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to make changes to their professional “brand” and enhance how an employer views them
    • Understand what an elevator speech is and how/when to use one to help elevate our career

    3.4 Individual & Transferable Skills

    Through this lesson, students will:

    • Understand the meanings of personal, job-related, and transferable skills
    • Identify their own set of personal and transferable skills
    • Increase their understanding of the range of skills sought by employers through career research and personal data already collected
    • Explore how they can apply their understanding of their skills and interests to finding a job

    3.5 Career Prep 101: The Job Search

    Through this lesson, students will:

    • Understand the various types of employment and the benefits available through work
    • Explore resources available for job seekers
    • Develop a greater understanding of different approaches to finding employment
    • Apply our own mindset, values, and skills in the search and application submission process

    3.6 Career Prep 101: The Cover Letter

    Through this lesson, students will:

    • Understand the meaning and contents behind a cover letter
    • Review best practices for cover letter writing
    • Apply their learning by drafting a cover letter that is in response to a job they found on OhioMeansJobs
    • Draft a mock “Thank You” email to an employer who you interviewed with
    • Complete a final draft and include in Career Portfolio

    3.7 Career Prep 101: Resume Writing

    Through this lesson, students will:

    • Understand the purpose and importance of an up-to-date, formatted, and typed resume that positively represents your experience and skills
    • Learn about types of resumes and their function at different stages of our careers
    • Draft a resume and keep in our career portfolio

    3.8 Career Prep 101: The Job Application

    Through this lesson, students will:

    • Understand the various components of a job application
    • Research job applications based on pre-existing student data, including cluster inventory, occupation search, and personal career interests
    • Understand what it means to complete an application that is well-crafted and applicable to ones’ talent, skill, and interest
    • Explore ways to inquire about open employment opportunities through role play and real-world application

    3.9 Career Prep 101: The Interview

    Through this lesson, students will:

    • Understand the purpose of an interview
    • Identify different types of interviews
    • Prepare for and successfully experience a mock interview
    • Utilize OMJ K-12 Digital Interview platform to practice our interviewing skills
    • Be able to write a thank you letter

    3.10 Final Reflection - Career Readiness

    Through this lesson, students will:

    • Reflect on progress made thus far within GGP Prepare Career Development Portal
    • Share our perceptions about what we have learned, want to experience in our continued career journey, and what we might still be questioning as we move into career experiences
    • Discuss the role of grit and perseverance in our future careers and the pathways to improving our own grit