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Career experiences exposes youth to new opportunities, offering the chance to gain new skills, perspectives and diversify thinking while engaged in work-based learning. These experiences may look like internships or vocational apprenticeships, may include part-time or summer employment, or special projects that support direct application of their skills. There are many other organizational and individual benefits, including the increased ability to meet future talent gaps while simultaneously driving career growth.

As educators and businesses, the time is certainly now to harness our youth during this stage, to provide grace and sage advice to help build their confidence, their skill set, and their overall career readiness. The lessons and content found within this course will focus on navigating the workplace and developing knowledge and skills that will help them maintain focus on their career goals and keep the trajectory of success moving forward.

Through this course, students will:

  • be introduced to the final phase of the career development cycle – career experience;
  • exploring post-secondary career development opportunities;
  • research career trajectory, from entry level to executive management, of chosen positions;
  • better prepare ourselves for entering the job market, including types of experiences to help us gain experience early in our careers
  • utilize tools and resources to grow their professional network
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