Incubator Workshop #1


Introduction & Expectations This first Incubator Program Workshop will review all program expectations, introduce students to the GGP team, and allow the students to get to know each other through creative activities. The students will also get an introduction to resume and cover letter development to work on throughout the program. This workshop will end […]

Incubator Workshop #2

MAGNET 1800 E 63rd St, Cleveland, OH, United States

Team Building and Leadership For this workshop, students will be going on a fieldtrip to MAGNET: The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network. At MAGNET, students will have the chance to learn more about the manufacturing industry while participating in several group activities. These activities will allow students to show their leadership abilities and how they […]

Incubator Workshop #3


Personality Types & Dealing with Difficult People During this workshop, students will focus on understanding themselves and their own tendencies. They will then expand on this to evaluate how they work with others, lead others, and how they listen to others. By understanding themselves on this deeper level, they will analyze what types of conflict […]

Incubator Workshop #4


Written & Verbal Communication This workshop focuses on communication and workplace etiquette. Students will learn and discuss the appropriate ways to communicate with professionals; whether it be in person, virtually, through chat, through emails, or through letters.

Incubator Workshop #5


Computer Literacy & Common Shortcuts Students will leave this workshop with a suite of knowledge on Windows systems. Judy Paternite (Kent State University) will walk the students through common computer shortcuts, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Outlook; teaching students vital information from each platform to make them more effective in the workplace. The last hour […]

Incubator Workshop #6


KeyBank Finance Workshop As last years student favorite, we have brought back the KeyBank Finance Workshop. KeyBank will walk students through the following topics: Protecting Your Identity, Everyday Budgeting, Importance of Credit, and What's Your Dollar Sign. After this extremely useful course, students will put their knowledge into action through a budgeting activity! This activity […]

Incubator Workshop #7


Setting Realistic Goals & Developing Your Future Plan During this workshop, students will establish short-term and long-term SMART goals. By drafting this 1-year and 5-year plan, students will be able to create realistic stepping stones to achieve their future career goals. The students will also sit down with Human Resource professionals to review their resume […]

Incubator Workshop #8


Final Reflection & Coping With Stress The last Incubator Program Workshop will allow students to reflect on their experience. They will think about where they started, what career path they thought they would pursue, and analyze where they are now. Through this though process, they will be challenge to think about a stressful situation inside […]

HomeGrown Geauga

Sapphire Creek Winery & Gardens 16965 Park Cir Dr, Chagrin Falls, OH, United States

HomeGrown Geauga is the annual fundraiser for Geauga Growth Partnership. It is highly encouraged Incubator Students attend as volunteers for the event. The students will have the option to help set-up in the morning, work the event, or help cleanup after the event. This can be used for community service hours for student volunteers.

Incubator Student Employment Ends

Through the 2023 Summer Incubator Program, student employment will end on August 4, 2023. If the student completes the required 120 work hours prior to this date, their employment may end sooner. Although the program is over, if it is mutually agreed upon by the student and the host business, employment may continue. In past […]

2023 Summer Incubator Program Celebration


This celebratory event recognizes the student interns for their accomplishments and allows them to share their summer experience with their families, other host organizations, and members of the community. Students will prepare their presentations for the event from 12:00pm-1:00pm during the month of July, immediately following the Career Development Workshops. 2023 Summer Incubator Program participants […]