Preparing youth to be the workforce of today and for the future.

Congratulations and welcome to! Your career development journey is just a few clicks away. Continue on for more information on how to set up an account on GGP Prepare, our career development LMS roadmap, FAQs, and program testimonials.

GGP PREPARE Curriculum Roadmap

A local resource to support your College & Career Readiness needs

Upon registration, you will be given free access to suite of student-centered modules, learning activities, and digital resources focusing on the full career development cycle.

Career Awareness

Developing awareness of ones passions and potential career trajectory

Career Readiness

Accessing key knowledge and skills towards greater employability

Youth Entrepreneurship

From brainstorm to pitch, learn how to better equip ourselves to take on the role of entrepreneur

Career Exploration

Defining goals and researching educational pathways towards a successful career

Career Experience

Understanding the path for continuous learning and career development

Mastering the 4-E's

Gain a deeper appreciation for educational pathways we take towards finding a meaningful career.

“ is a go-to-resource

for Geauga County youth looking to learn more about what future careers and opportunities are available to them regardless of their educational pathway post high school graduation.”

Jennifer Felker, Superintendent, ESC of the Western Reserve


We understand that district and campus partners are in different places when rolling out their College and Career Readiness programming. We are here to help!

Please feel free to connect with us anytime you have any questions or encounter issues with accessing content on the website. As part of our College and Career Readiness Learning Management System, your feedback is invaluable to us as we make updates and develop future content.

Is free to use?

Yes! With registration, you will be given full access to the suite of career development lessons and resources.

Does Geauga Growth Partnership come into my school to implement programming?

GGP Prepare is an online college and career readiness LMS that is meant to be delivered by on-site staff or accessed by students with teacher/administrator guidance. GGP is limited in our ability to run longer-term programming at this time.

Are students able to access the content directly?

Upon registering, you will be identified as a student or educator. This will only limit access to a few modules, so you will have the ability to access and deliver content that is teacher facilitated or accessed asynchronously as a student.

What are the requirements for accessing GGP Prepare?

All that is needed is a stable internet connection, access to a web-browser, and a GGPYouthWorkforce account. It is recommended to print out worksheets and have a digital organization system, like Google Drive, to manage and submit program documentation.

Does GGP offer training for educators and administrators on use of GGP Prepare?

Yes. While each unit has an embedded introduction for educators and administrators, we are happy to set up 1:1 or small group train-the-trainer sessions to facilitate delivery of the curriculum.

Will completing modules count towards earning OMJ-Readiness Seal?

Yes. With proper planning and facilitation, GGP Prepare units and lessons align to and can support completion of the OMJ-Readiness seal. It would require a SCHOOL mentor to validate skills and complete documentation.

Ready to get started?

Register today to get started on your Career Development journey! Contact us if you have any questions or encounter any issues during the registration process.