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INTRO: Welcome to GGP Prepare

An introduction to the Geauga Growth Partnership Youth Workforce Development eLearning platform – GGP Prepare.  The introduction is a great place to start for all educators, administrators and students.

2 Lessons

GGP Prepare for Educators & Administrators
GGP Prepare for Students

UNIT 2: Career Exploration

The second stage of the Career Development cycle, Career Exploration is all about further defining your career trajectory and utilizing the tools and resources available to deepen your knowledge and understanding of potential career opportunities.

6 Courses

2.1 Introduction to Career Exploration

Introducing classrooms to the concept of career exploration and what they can expect from Unit 2.

2.2 Exploring Your Career Trajectory

Students will explore their own individual paths through the lens of the 4-Es, consider the pros and cons of each, perceived and actual, and consider how each can allow for development of key knowledge, skills, and personal and professional satisfaction

2.3 Exploring Careers through OMJ K-12 Portal

Expanding upon the results of your career inventory, students will explore career cluster results, potential occupations within, and apply knowledge towards potential pathways within the 4E framework.

2.4 Spotlight on In-Demand Jobs in Northeast Ohio

Utilizing state level data and results from career inventories, students will learn more about what makes jobs in-demand and what the outlook is for the Northeast Ohio job market.

2.5 Planning for 2023 & Beyond

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the newly adopted ODE graduation requirements for the class of 2023 and beyond, including the adoption of Graduation Seals. Students will develop a graduation plan and explore requirements for the OMJ Readiness Seal, a seal tied to career development. 

2.6 Building a PROSPER Mindset

As part of this lesson, students consider what it means to have a growth mindset in the workplace and how they can thrive as professionals. You will be introduced to the GGP PROSPER mindset and apply this mindset in learning activities.

UNIT 4: Career Experience

The final stage of the Career Development cycle, Career Experience, is about building a growth mindset and our capacity in the workplace through work-based learning and on-the-job training.

9 Lessons

4.1 Introduction to Career Experience

Introducing classrooms to the concept of career exploration and what they can expect from Unit 4.

4.2 Developing Your "Circle"

As we progress through our careers, one of the most valuable resources you yield as a professional is your network. This lesson will identify the elements of a good network, how to form lasting relationships with mentors, and encourage youth to research and engage with various networking tools.

4.3 Gaining Early Experience In Your Career

Whether students are still in school or post-graduation, there are crucial opportunities that allow you to gain professional experience – job shadowing, internships, summer workforce development programs, and pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships are a few of the topics covered in this lesson.

4.4 Navigating Compromise in the Workplace

One of the greatest skills we can possess in the workplace is the ability to negotiate and find compromise. This unit will have youth engage in activities that help them better understand their working style, the roles they play in groups, and negotiation tactics and best practices.

4.5 Overcoming Obstacles in Our Career

Students define and reflect on the obstacles they may encounter in their personal and professional lives.

4.6 Communication for Professionals

This particular lesson focuses on the importance of honing our verbal and nonverbal communication and the importance of utilizing different communication styles to support career success.

4.7 The Value of Continuous Improvement

This lesson focuses on the various ways in which we can continue to develop our knowledge and skills throughout our career. 

4.8 Show Me the Money!

As we begin our careers, we are often faced with a variety of financial decisions that impact our personal and professional lives – taxes, saving, budgeting, paying off loans, and more. 

4.9 Career Experience - Final Reflection

 The final lesson of our career experience unit and our exploration of the career development cycle, students will reflect on what they have learned and look forward to in their future careers. 

UNIT 1: Career Awareness

The first stage of the Career Development cycle, Career Awareness, is all about building greater self-awareness of a youth’s potential career trajectory, the skills and knowledge needed to be successful, and the mindset required to move forward. 

8 Lessons

1.1 Introduction to Career Awareness

Introducing classrooms to the concept of career exploration and what they can expect from Unit 1.

1.2 Welcome to OMJ K-12 Career Portal

The initial introduction to the OhioMeansJobs K-12 portal, students will sign up for their accounts and get familiar with the career readiness platform.

1.3 Unlocking Your Potential through the 4 E's

The Ohio Department of Education looks at the a student’s potential post-secondary journey to a career as one divided into four possible pathways – Education/Enrollment, Enlistment, Employment, and Entrepreneurship, collectively known as the “4 E’s”. 

1.4 Turning Passion into Purpose

Students begin to translate their passions and experiences into skills and characteristics that will build the foundation for their future career.  

1.5 Defining Your Occupational Interests

Having completed our initial career inventory, students begin to dissect the results and reflect on the potential pathways towards a career that they could consider. 

1.6 Getting Future Focused

Our first look at goal setting for the future. This lesson will have students engaging in macro-level planning and defining of their career vision.

1.7 Your Ideal Work Setting

Students break down their ideal work environment, to include  the physical space, the people that surround them, and their working styles. 

1.8 Living Our Best Professional Life

As part of the lesson, we analyze ourselves and what it means to be a professional in today’s workforce.  We consider what is important to us as we build a positive, growth-oriented mindset. 

UNIT 3: Career Readiness

The third stage of the Career Development cycle, Career Readiness is about putting knowledge into action through practical application of knowledge and skills that lead to a greater chance of employability and future career success.

10 Lessons

3.1 Introduction to Career Readiness

Introducing classrooms to the concept of career exploration and what they can expect from Unit 3.

3.2 Defining Your Educational Pathway

From our initial understanding of the 4 E’s, we explore the individual pathway that we anticipate upon graduation.  Students will review their graduation plan and dive further into prepping for their 4E pathway of choice.

3.3 Crafting a Personal Highlight Reel

Students will understand what a personal elevator is and when to use it, along with creating one and practicing with their peers as part of professional roleplay.

3.4 Individual & Transferable Skills

Students will better understand and identify their own skillset and consider how skills are viewed by employers, how skills are matched to careers, and how building skills over time will support continuous growth. 

3.5 Career Prep 101: The Job Search

The first part of our career prep pipeline, we jump into the job search.  Students will review various global tools and resources and how individual industries employ their own listing services.

3.6 Preparing for the 1st Job - Writing A Cover Letter

Students will understand the meaning of a cover letter, the contents that make them up, and best practices for writing the cover letter that get’s you noticed!

3.7 Preparing for the 1st Job - Writing A Resume

Understand the purpose and importance of maintaining an up-to-date, formatted, and typed resume, that positively representing our skills. Students will learn about various formats and their most appropriate use. 

3.8 Preparing for the 1st Job - Job Application

Students will breakdown job applications and be provided with tips and tricks, from language to location, that will put them in the best light possible to get the job. 

3.9 Career Prep 101: The Interview

Utilizing OMJ K-12 site, students will explore various interview questions and apply their learning as part of digital mock interviews that they can review and reflect upon.

3.10 Career Readiness - Final Reflection

The opportunity for students to reflect on their progress made as part of the third unit of GGP Prepare.  As part of this lesson, students will update their career portfolios. 

UNIT 5: Youth Entrepreneurship

Created in partnership with Youth Entrepreneurship Institute, this independent unit focuses on the entrepreneurship cycle and the process of developing a business – from idea to final pitch.

12 Lessons

5.1 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Introduces students to entrepreneurship, the concept of “pitches”, and building awareness of each other through public speaking exercises. 

5.2 Awareness of Self & Career Options

A short introduction to the OhioMeansJobs K-12 website and resources available to have students explore careers. Students will work together to also identify mentors. 

5.3 Problem Identification

Introduce strategies for identifying problems that will help students think broadly about what problems they might want to solve through their business opportunity. 

5.4 Solution Identification

Students will learn about and engage in brainstorming strategies, as well as use these strategies to address possible solutions for the problems identified in the previous session. 

5.5 Understanding Strengths & Career Aspirations

Students will work on identifying their strengths and aligning those strengths to their entrepreneurial aspirations. 

5.6 Practicing Professional Skills

Students will implement the skills they have previously identified and the skills that they have built in a professional manner.

5.7 Value Proposition and Draft Pitch

Students will understand the concept of value proposition and use it to help narrow down potential business ideas.

5.8 Present Skills & Exploring Career Resources

Students will learn valuable career resources to help them identify the various platforms available to assist them in their career development.

5.9 Job Shadowing

Students experience a workplace environment and learn more about their mentors responsibilities.

5.10 Preparing for the Pitch Event

Students learn from each others’ shadowing experiences. Students explore how to learn from failure and disappointment. Students practice their pitches, view recordings and share with mentors, requesting feedback to improve final delivery at the pitch event.

5.11 Pitch Event

Students deliver their pitches and receive feedback. Students gain experience receiving constructive feedback. Students get OMJ Success Bound validation forms signed by work mentors. 

5.12 Reflection & Moving Forward

Students reflect on and celebrate their successes and thank work mentors in writing.

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