Youth Entrepreneurship


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Youth Entrepreneurship

In Unit 5, students will gain a full understanding of entrepreneurship, establish their goals, practice identifying problems and brainstorming solutions, learn the meaning and importance of being a professional, and draft their pitch. Throughout this unit, overall, students take an idea all the way to a pitch. By establishing the skills and characteristics needed to be a successful entrepreneur, and fully understanding the challenges of this career path, students finish this unit with a new and improved outlook on their own entrepreneurial goals. 

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Youth Entrepreneurship Coming Soon!

New Year, New Unit!

The curriculum for Unit 5 has not been released yet; however, it is coming soon! Come back in January to view our Youth Entrepreneurship curriculum! If you have any questions, CONNECT WITH US!

Youth Entrepreneurship (Unit 5)

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5.0 Youth Entrepreneurship Overview & Course Expectations (Educators Only)
5.1 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

5.2 Awareness of Self & Career Options

5.3 Problem Identification

5.4 Solution Identification

5.5 Understanding Strengths and Career Aspirations

5.6 Practicing Professional Skills

5.7 Value Proposition and Draft Pitch

5.8 Practice Presentation Skills and Explore Career Resources

5.9 Job Shadowing

5.10 Preparing for the Pitch Event

5.11 Pitch Event

5.12 Reflection & Moving Forward